I am a writer, historian, university professor, and occasional curator. I am fascinated by how the past endures in the present, often in ways we take for granted or fail to see. I write about photography, art, museums, and heritage, with a focus on the colonial and imperial histories of archaeology. Much of my work has looked at how people in different times, at different places, have imagined, studied, and displayed the culture that we know as ‘Ancient Egypt’.

You can find my writing in Apollo, History Today, the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books, and even Italia magazine, where I won a travel essay prize for my account of dancing Argentine tango in Turin. I am the author of three academic books, four books for a wider reading public, and a catalogue of photographs from the 1920s excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb. My agent is Patrick Walsh at PEW Literary.20180610_Christina Riggs_0111 smaller

I work at Durham University in the northeast of England, where I am Professor of the History of Visual Culture in the Department of History. I divide my time between the beautiful countryside of County Durham and the elegant Baroque city of Turin in northern Italy.

Follow me on Twitter: @photograph_tut

Photo credit: Andy Crouch