Words, images, and news from Christina Riggs, author of Treasured: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century.

Available in the UK from The Hive, Bookshop, and your local independent bookshop. In the United States, Treasured is published by Public Affairs, and in Italy by Bollati Boringhieri with the title Vedo Cose Meravigliose, translated by Gianna Cernuschi.

Reviews and endorsements:

‘Riggs uses Tutankhamun to tell the history of Egypt as a nation and Egyptology as a discipline. This is not a triumphalist account of the universal beauty of Egyptian art but a complex account of changing power dynamics and museum cultures of the 20th century.’ Raphael Cormack, review in Apollo magazine

‘Both exceptionally well-written and highly recommended to readers who want to understand more about the politics underlying the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb … hugely important and illuminating.’ Nigel Fletcher-Jones, review in Minerva magazine.

‘An imaginative weaving of the personal and political into a fresh narrative of an archaeological icon.’ Kirkus

‘A riveting review of the hundred years since King Tut’s tomb was discovered.’ Maclean’s, featured as a highly anticipated book for 2022

‘Impeccably researched and beautifully written, infinitely more accurate and fascinating than what’s gone before.’ David Wengrow, co-author of The Dawn of Everything.

‘Searching, masterful and eloquent, Treasured plunges the reader into the mesmerizing story of Tutankhamun …. A deeply personal account that reveals how the scientific claims of Egyptology remain unable to match the mythological power of Tutmania, and how gazing on the boy king’s golden face has shaped our perceptions of Egypt – and ourselves.’ James Delbourgo, author of Collecting the World: Hans Sloane and the Origins of the British Museum.

‘A fabulous cultural history of the boy-king’s discovery and the complex afterlife of that global event, weaving together colonial and Egyptian elements with the strange international role the pharaoh’s body and treasures have taken on in the last 100 years. Elegant, compelling and illuminating.’ Roger Luckhurst, author of The Mummy’s Curse.